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This event is similar to archery — except with flying discs. The goal is to throw as accurately as possible through a square target. Players throw four discs from each of seven different positions (as illustrated). The target is a standing square frame measuring 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters, which is at a height of 1 meter above the ground. Each disc that passes through the frame is counted as a “hit”. The world record is 25 of 28 hits.


The two most popular are the Innova Makani/Zephyr or an Ultimate disc. You cannot use disc golf putters or anything that’s beveled (so essentially any golf discs). Most players use the Innova Makani/Zephyr:


Throwing Station

General Setup

Tip: Although any results wouldn’t be eligible for WFDF World Records, you can adjust the size of the target, the distances and the positions, as you like. When you have only limited space available, make sure you can turn the target for the “side” throws from the two shortest throwing positions — allowing you to play this event indoors.

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